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Job Title: Manager of Pâtisserie L’Éclaircie 


Decide : make choices, take decisions and apply them.

Organize : set up structures and systems to achieve set objectives.

Lead : know how to exchange, inform, and create links between individuals and between entities.

Supervise : evaluate results and performance.

Anticipate : imagine the future, innovate, adapt, change.



Your role will represent an important link in the company's team. This position of manager is not a conventional position, because the company is still young and needs to be built for a better future. You will therefore bring stability, ingenuity and character to optimize the organization of the company.

On the one hand everything is to be done, but on the other hand you will be able to take advantage of the foundations we have put in place, of course, as the saying goes: "nothing is set in stone", so it is up to you to optimize, simplify and explore the different methods that will push the company to rise in the future.  

The people who constitute this company are curious, creative, but above all passionate. When we talk about passion, it's not necessarily about eclairs or pastries, a passion is what transcends you on a daily basis, that thing that will make you want to get up in the morning and have a productive day at the company. We want every individual to be treated equally and fairly. We make the most of everyone's skills and abilities inside and outside the company, in academics, sports or any other activity, so that you can achieve your life goals.



  • Employee scheduling (Floor/Sales)
  • Recruitment of floor/sales staff (Under supervision)
  • Search for pastry/production staff (Under supervision)
  • Manage inventory and orders with various suppliers
  • Research and development of new marketing tools or products
  • Manage/dispatch online orders
  • Management of catering/wholesale orders (Under supervision)
  • Register losses  
  • Sales analysis
  • Employee audit (product knowledge, service, image...)
  • Employee training
  • Balance/manage and report cash registers (Daily)
  • Animate/Manage the floor/sales team
  • Weekly meeting/reporting with the management team
  • Respect of hygiene standards
  • Litigation management (Under supervision)
  • Management vacations and absences
  • Management of the 2 boutiques (Boutique Saint-Hubert - Boutique Ontario East)
  • Research for collaborators, caterers, restaurants, hotels
  • Corporate canvassing and sponsorship
  • Take part in the decision making process (visuals, tastes and flavors, new products, sales techniques, marketing)


All applications are welcome, the list below is "desirable".

Car - Bilingual - Availability Tuesday to Saturday - Barista

  - Salary to be determined according to skills -

- Full time (35h-40h) -

To contact us, you can send your resume directly to or drop it off at our boutique at 1382 Ontario Est Street Montréal.