Éclaircie's Spirit


This is the original color, the color of the walls of the first store on Ontario Street created in 2020. 
L'Éclaircie stands out in the subtlety, the name of the pastry written in simple letters ... beige therefore, a touch of caramel, reminds us the pleasure of sweet and delicate things in the mouth. As for the green color, in pastry, it is really not usual. It is nevertheless, that of pistachio, basil, lime... It is the basket of citrus fruits with invigorating fragrances that remind us of summer, a breeze coming from the sea, but also a fresh air emanating from the forest. It is the granny-smith apples, fresh grass, leaves... It is the nature, the femininity, the gentleness, the hope.
At L'Éclaircie, pink is a natural and clear message. It is the color of passion, timelessness, eternal youth. The raspberry pastry is therefore the pastry of lovers, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day ... 
L'Éclair Floral, a best-seller... among many others.