Our know-how


L'Éclaircie is first of all the story of a first great success, the pastry and its so delicate 'choux' pastry: L'Éclaircie.    

Managing to play between the balance of acidity, sweetness and bitterness. Or to innovate by creating delicate creations around more traditional flavors, chocolate, violet, vanilla, to make the pastry evolve with the taste of the day. In terms of pastry creation, only the memories of greedy childhood are a source of inspiration.  A philosophy, between reason and feelings, which applies to all the creations of our pastry chefs. From the very beginning, the idea is to always remain very close to women and children, to work with attractive colors, both visual and gustatory, to stay close to trends. In pastry making, everything is first devoured with the eyes. You come to L'Éclaircie to discover a pistachio, lemon, but also chocolate éclair, for a new pictorial palette, a different decorative universe, a welcome, a way of feeling at home, for flavors you won't find anywhere else, for aromas that you like to "hunt", test, discover with children's eyes.